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Drain Replacement
Drain Replacement

Drain Replacement

When should you replace your sewer pipes?
If you are reading this page, this probably means that you are having some issues with drains. How to be sure if it's time to replace your pipes? Well, one sure way to know is if there are some apparent failures in your drain pipes - cracks, deformations, offset, etc.
Keep an eye on the below signs of a broken sewer main:

 - Sewage backs up in the toilet or a basement; drains get clogged persistently;

 - You water/sewer bills suddenly go up indicating that access water can be spilling from the system due to damaged seals at pipe joins;

 - A powerful "rotten egg" sulfur smell that can indicate a sulfur gas buildup caused by decomposing long-standing waste;

 - You notice excessive water or sewage in one location within the yard; this may indicate that tree roots have penetrated the pipes.

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