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Drain Snaking
Drain Snaking

Drain Snaking

Soap, hair, oil, tissues, food waste, you name what else is passing through your drains daily, are all contributing to the build-up in your pipes. Calcification adds it's share to the problem  - the result is usually a clogged drain.
You will notice the issue when your sinks and tubs start draining slower and slower. Sometimes you can unclog the drain yourself using a drain snake or drain auger. It's an easy tool, and you can even rent a motorized snake at your local hardware store.
They work great for smaller clogs. However, things get more complicated when you have a clog in your sewer line.
When you find that you need an industrial strength sewer snake (Drain snakes, drain augers, drain rootering) give us a call.
Our technician will choose the best way to reach the blockage, and which equipment head is most appropriate for your case.
For example, in cases of tree roots intrusion, he will use a blade to cut through those roots; when there is a stuck object, he may use a retrieval head.
Knowing what equipment is best in your particular case, and how to use it in the most effective and safe way is why our team is here. Give us a call to see what we can suggest

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